These Terms & Conditions apply on the traffic generation promotion action  "Business Orientation Trip China” by TradeRouteAsia, here after called "action", organised for and .com by Veerkracht B.V. in The Hague, The Netherlands, here after called "Veerkracht".


  1. The action period is October 28th, 2011 until March 28th, 2012.
  2. Participation is free of charge.
  3. Participant can enter the action as often as he or she wants to.
  4. All persons who participate in this action agree to be subject to these Terms and Conditions.

The game

  1. Every participant who finishes one “e-learning” or “knowledge” quiz on or .com earns a credit.
  2. Extra credits can be earned by playing all quizzes or play them more often. 
  3. Only registered participants make a chance on the action price.
  4. Each participant registers after playing the quiz by filling out the data form.
  5. The price can not be exchanged for money.

About the price

  1. The price is a return ticket for two persons to China, including a 5 days stay in a hotel and a business orientation program guided by Dutch government representatives during a specific period in 2012.
  2. The prices will be forwarded and announced to the winner within two weeks after the ‘official drawing of the winner’ by Veerkracht B.V..
  3. The price is both individual and time restraint, not transferable and not exchangeable for money or prices of equal value. If refused or other reasons for not delivering or accepting the the price, the price will be given to Veerkracht B.V. or a second official drawing wil be executed..
  4. About the price and it’s announcement can not be corresponded. 
  5. Veerkracht B.V. is entitled to not deliver the price.

Rights Veerkracht B.V.

  1. Veerkracht B.V. beholds the right to disqualify any participant, if the specific participant does not act according to the Terms and Conditions, or in any other way acts unrighteous against Veerkracht B.V. or third parties.
  2. Veerkracht B.V. beholds the right to alter the action, according to its own reasons and without prior notice. This involves ending the action, interrupting or  changing the actions and/or the Terms and Conditions and/or change the prices if circumstances demand so, without being held liable for any kind of compensation for the participants.
  3. About the result of the action can not be corresponded. If – for any kind or reason – a dispute arises between a participant and Veerkracht, the judgement of the latter is binding.
  4. Veerkracht B.V. beholds the right to not pay the price.


  1. Veerkracht B.V., involved people and/or third parties are not responsible for  any kind of damage, direct and/or indirect, which relates to the action, or is a result of the action- in any kind of way.
  2. More specific: Veerkracht B.V., involved people and/or third parties are not responsible and can not be held accountable for :

a. any additional expenses that the winner eventually make by participating or by accepting the price.;
b. any damage, direct and/or indirect, caused by, or in any other way relating to the received price.;
c. any damage, direct and/or indirect, as a result or in any other way related to failures in the network, computer hardware- or software of any kind what so ever that cause the loss of data of the participant or the participation;
d. any damage, direct and/or indirect, as a result or in any other way related to changing or finishing the action.


  1. Questions and remarks concerning this action can be forwarded by e-mail to
  2. If one or more of the paragraphs in these Terms and Conditions will of are being rejected by Dutch law, Veerkracht will define a replacing condition with the goal to keep the spirit of the original condition and goal, but which can not be rejected by Law. 
  3. These Terms and Conditions are subject to Dutch law. In case legal disputes arise out of the action or these Terms and Condition, these will be treated by the judge in The Hague, The Netherlands.

User policy and Privacy policy

The action is subject to the user policy of Veerkracht and the privacy-policy as defined by the Dutch law.

Veerkracht B.V. is allowed to change these Terms & Conditions.