About TradeRoute Asia

TradeRouteAsia is an initiative developed by the new Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (VWA) and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, in close collaboration with a number of partners. These include NL EVD International, Platform Promotional Products, KIWA, SGS, the Dutch Chambers of Commerce and a variety of importers.

Importers are responsible and liable for the safety of products they introduce to the Dutch market. The VWA controls whether these importers comply with applicable laws and regulations, and also provides entrepreneurs with assistance for complying with these laws and regulations. TradeRouteAsia is one of the compliance assistance tools.

The objective of TradeRouteAsia is to raise importer awareness about safety issues relating to the import of non-food consumer products from Asia, and to help entrepreneurs introduce safe products to our market. Online training modules enable importers to test and expand their knowledge on laws and regulations, the trade chain and a variety of cultural aspects.

TradeRouteAsia evolves continuously, so we explicitly invite you to submit questions, remarks or suggestions. We also welcome collaboration with partners. Please contact us using the contact form.